A caring mum

You can always spot a caring by the way the always look out for there child including there feelings. But wait Whats this ? Imagine the situation. Child has gone away with dad and now cant find favourite teddy, Daddy being the loving one checks all places he can think it could be. Son says its in the car. We check the car its not there. I suspect its still at moms place we just forgot it. So what do we do ? We call to check if its there, We dont want to collect it. we just want to know where it is and is it safe, Just put a child's mind at rest. So at 8:30 AM we call to ask.

Contact and a phone

Its hard enough having contact with you child when they are so far away living with a person that has no interest in you chatting to you son/Daughter. So buy them a phone. Should make it much more simple. You dont have to call her to speak to your son/Daughter. However when they start to hide the phone it becomes a problem. She is now dictating to me when I can speak to him !!


Well today its all come to a head. Called the NSPCC spent an hour explain whats going on how my child's being treated how unhappy he is how bad life is for him. Of course I could be lying. (im not) I have the evidence. My issue is I live far away from him. To see him I have to stay at her place and be her bitch for the weekend. Well worth it just to see my son. However things need to change for him, now he need a stable life. The problem is I just dont trust the system. I tell them who I am.

Am I a bad dad ???

Am I a bad dad I ask myself. The Ex has our child. I have been to court to stop her leaving the country. I see him when I can. However the life he could have with me is far better than with her. Quality of life , Love he will get , money, better school, far better area to live, fiends and family to support him. A caring dad not a mom that wants him for the money but not willing to put the time in to give him a good life. But still he is with her. Why ? Well because she lives so far away its hard for me to see him.

Court and solicitor costs

Why should I live a life with no house no money no savings for my kids in later life all because of expensive court and solicitor costs ? I have worked hard all my life provided all for my wife but it seems was not enough. Now im trying hard to keep the kids in the country. Because of this I risk loosing my hours and my livelihood to get the best representation and advice that I can. Or I can do it all myself and risk not winning.

No one to help or give advice

For the last god knows how many years I have been alone with this problem. Ex telling me I cant see my child, dictating to me when I can see him what he should eat when he goes where he takes his holiday. The list goes on. Abusive phone calls and text messages. My life has been on hold for my child Im just doing the best I can when I can. While she sits there doing as she pleases. Where do I get help from ? I need help I need advice. But where to get it with out loosing my house paying for it ?

Moving on again

So what do you do when she says she is moving country again. This time its a little more extreme. ? Its bad enough one time its Leeds then its Scotland but I cant fly to another country every week can I ? Law seems truly on the woman's side. I have done nothing wrong just want to see my kids. Its a simple as that however the law seems to let the mother do as she likes travel where she likes and just cut the dad out. I just dont get on with her and she dont get on with me. Now all that happens is the kids suffer and so does the dad.

Bike for son, Or not.

Well its here again good old Xmas and again what and where I go is being dictated by is mother. No gifts will come from her this year however I will give all I can to my son. He deserves all the love in the world as is lacking from his mother.

Such a simple thing I asked last night. Can you just measure his legs for me so I can get him a bike. Not a chance.

I hate this time of year torn between family not able to give my son all he needs. Its a struggle. BUT I WILL MANAGE some how.

Another child please

I had a strange proposition the other week from my Ex.

"Can we have another child if I dont goto the CSA ?"

I said dont you remember we dont live together we dont get on you have fucked me over for everything I have I live 600Km away how I can be a dad ?

Her response "I dont want to goto work for 5 more years and I want a child to look after me when im old. Our son will ot look after me"

My response "Keep taking the happy pills. I will not be coming any where near you. There is a reason our 5 year old hates you and you know full well what it is"