Another child please

I had a strange proposition the other week from my Ex.

"Can we have another child if I dont goto the CSA ?"

I said dont you remember we dont live together we dont get on you have fucked me over for everything I have I live 600Km away how I can be a dad ?

Her response "I dont want to goto work for 5 more years and I want a child to look after me when im old. Our son will ot look after me"

My response "Keep taking the happy pills. I will not be coming any where near you. There is a reason our 5 year old hates you and you know full well what it is"

No longer able to see your child what do you tell them ?

I have now been put in that terrible position where by I am not able to see my son any more. It can happen for many reasons. Court order. Nasty Ex making it hard. Distance between you to name just a few. Well sadly Im now in this position. Distance is my problem. Its simply to far to make the round trip.800 miles if I was to pick him up for a few days round trips. So what do you do ? How do you hope to get through this your self ? More importantly what about your child ? What do you tell them ? Simply to young to understand. I dont want him to think I have simply abandoned him.

Mum says my dad is bad #PAS

What can you do when your Ex is filling your child's head with constant lies. She has more contact with him than I do so has more opportunity to influence him. Luckily in my case its not working. I still have a great relationship with my son even though he is far away and contact is limited. But what can we do to combat this ? I have often hear her saying your dad is bad. He does this he does that. Its his fault we live in this place and have no money.


Welcome to @IHaveNoSay this will be the new home for my Twitter account. Why ? Well simply because 140 characters is just not enough to get the point across. So over time I hope to build this site. Maybe get some forums up and running. Who knows only time will tell. We all have one thing in common. We are being deprived of a loved one through no fault of our own. Things need to change.