Welcome to @IHaveNoSay this will be the new home for my Twitter account. Why ? Well simply because 140 characters is just not enough to get the point across. So over time I hope to build this site. Maybe get some forums up and running. Who knows only time will tell. We all have one thing in common. We are being deprived of a loved one through no fault of our own. Things need to change.

So for the benefit of people who have stumbled across this site by accident and wonder what its all going to be about here is a brief outline. Most of us here have had a child taken from us through no fault of our own. Be it a other half (Wife/Husband BF/GF or even a court decision) We no longer get the chance to share in our son or daughters life. Due to court orders or more commonly the other parent moving so far away or just being stubborn/nasty/evil that we are just not able to see our kids. We all want to play a part in the wonderful gift of a child being brought up. Sadly we cant always be a part. Normally money comes into this in one way or another. They CSA for sure plays a massive part in us not seeing our kids. The less we see them the more we pay.

I hope I will be able to grow this site. Please sign up. as soon as I start to see people register I will put more time into it. Enable forums and so on.

Take care