Well today its all come to a head. Called the NSPCC spent an hour explain whats going on how my child's being treated how unhappy he is how bad life is for him. Of course I could be lying. (im not) I have the evidence. My issue is I live far away from him. To see him I have to stay at her place and be her bitch for the weekend. Well worth it just to see my son. However things need to change for him, now he need a stable life. The problem is I just dont trust the system. I tell them who I am. They wade in and speak to her she stops me seeing him, he loses his dad as I cant make the 400 mile round trip with no where to stay. She gets a telling off and my son is left with her and I then have no way to check up on him and how he is.SO WHAT TO DO ? Take my chance because im worried hope he will be ok ? Or leave him in hell and just see at weekends ? They system just aint right.

I must say the NSPCC talk the talk. But can they walk the walk ? I have my doubts about the people that the people the NSPCC pass it onto. I dont need to talk I need action.