Mum says my dad is bad #PAS

What can you do when your Ex is filling your child's head with constant lies. She has more contact with him than I do so has more opportunity to influence him. Luckily in my case its not working. I still have a great relationship with my son even though he is far away and contact is limited. But what can we do to combat this ? I have often hear her saying your dad is bad. He does this he does that. Its his fault we live in this place and have no money.

Well the reality is most is not true. I for sure am not a bad person. I did all I could to make things work but when your Ex has other plans what can you do ?

So what can you do when she is filling the child's mind with lies and rubbish ? Do you sink to her level and do the same back ? Be it lies or truth I still don't think its correct to fill such a small mind with bad ideas (even though it may be true) So I turn the other cheek. I don't retaliate. When alone with my son I try to explain how things are but still I don't paint his mother in a bad light. No matter how much I want to. I just hope one day he will form his own ideas and see things how they really are.

I just hope this one sided barrage will not turn him against me. All he hears is how bad dad is. Yet nothing bad is said about mom. For now things seem ok. He shows his love and affection clearly for me when he is with me. So for now her little plan is failing. I just hope that one day her lies don't sink in.

Any comments please post them.


Have a good day and keep up the fight.