Pretend you love her thats what I do

"Pretend you love her thats what I do she is not so nasty then" was a statement my 5 year old made to me last night while I was putting him to bed.

She really upset him last night. Not sure if its a new thing she is doing or been doing a while did not really want to push my son to much for whats going on. Basically if he is not doing as he should, Remember he is 5 !!! And when I am with him I have no problems with his behaviour. So the new trick is to simply turn of the electricity to her flat. No TV no computer and no lights. Its scares him to death. He sat on my knee asking me to make her turn on the power. Not my flat I dont live there I just pick him up from there or visit him there. So what can I do ?

Again its all back to blackmail I cant stay her her place if I go tell people. Its just to far to pick him up every weekend. 600Km So I have to put up with what she is doing. But now its going to far I think. my son is in danger. So maybe now its time to act. My worry is I am not able to see him for a while unless he comes live with me.