No one to help or give advice

For the last god knows how many years I have been alone with this problem. Ex telling me I cant see my child, dictating to me when I can see him what he should eat when he goes where he takes his holiday. The list goes on. Abusive phone calls and text messages. My life has been on hold for my child Im just doing the best I can when I can. While she sits there doing as she pleases. Where do I get help from ? I need help I need advice. But where to get it with out loosing my house paying for it ?

She is still in this country but a strong potability she will leave for a non Hague country. There is a court order in place saying she can go out of the country but must return in 2 weeks with the child. What is there to enforce this ? Its non Hague country for god sake.

What am i supposed to do ? Sit here and just let what happens happen ? She seems to get all she wants no stopping her. Really seems a little unfair.

Its been going on years this now and its now getting to a point where its destroying my life and my child's. He is getting poor education has no friends and loosing contact with me.

Not looking good for either of us.

The constant lies is what really gets to me and she gets away with it.


its a horrible situation. my advice is to move near your son. super close. if they move, you move - then get local community help, do some courses, get the badges etc and go back to court and show them what you have done and ask for more contact. it does seem like dads are only good enough until the a child's mother 'decides' otherwise, but dads are 'always' good enough to pay for everything. ridiculous system. i think a starting point in all family courts should be shared care and work from there. share the care, share the cost. hit me up on twitter if you need support. i am into my 3rd year of difficulties. p.s. not all mothers are difficult. in fact most put the children first -instead of their own agenda.